Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Gist

Install Gist on your website or product

Follow our step-by-step guide to successfully install the Gist tracking code on your website and improve your user experience

Install Gist on your WordPress site

Discover how to install and set up the Gist WordPress Plugin for a seamless live chat experience on your website.

Send logged-in user data from your database or third-party tool

Track your logged-in users, retain their activity, and improve your live chat experiences.

Install Gist using Google Tag Manager

Rather than paste the Gist tracking code into the header area of your website, it’s possible to add the Gist tracking snippet to your Google Tag Manager. Google's "Tag Manager" tool is a great way to manage all of your marketing scripts and advert...

Install Gist in your Shopify Store

Step-by-step guide to adding Shopify integration to Gist, unlocking powerful customer insights for your e-commerce strategy.

Install Gist on your Squarespace site

If you're already using Squarespace for your website, you can use Gist on it as long as you have a custom domain on Squarespace. That means, you cannot use Gist on your Squarespace website if the URL looks like this:

Install Gist on your Wix site

If you have a Wix account with a custom, connected domain - you can install Gist on your Wix website. Gist can be installed on websites built with Wix via their "Tracking Tools & Analytics". It allows Wix users to embed third-party tracking code t...

Install Gist in your Kajabi website

It's easy to install and track your customers on Kajabi based websites, using the Gist JavaScript code snippet. Here are the steps you need to do: 1. Copy the Gist JavaScript code from the Settings > General > Tracking code page. Gist JavaScript...

Install Gist in your Thinkific website

It's easy to install and track your customers on Thinkific based websites, using the Gist JavaScript code snippet. Here are the steps you need to do: 1. Copy the Gist JavaScript code from the Settings > Tracking code page. Gist JavaScript Code H...

Install Gist in your Genesis WordPress theme

You can install your Gist tracking snippet through the Genesis > Settings page in your WordPress dashboard in two easy steps. When you’re finished, click Save and you’re ready to start personalizing your website. Log into your WordPress dashboard ...

Gist Installation - Troubleshooting FAQs

Installing Gist on your product or website is the most important part of your journey to get started. After following our installation guide , if the Gist Messenger doesn't appear on your site, then this article should help you understand the typ...

Is Gist right for me?

Gist is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships. Our customers come in every shape and size. Small, medium and enterprise. In every industry. B2C and B2B. 12k+ businesses in 140 countries. They’r...

How do I sign up for a free trial of Gist?

Firstly, welcome! We're so glad you're here. Gist offers a 14-day full-featured free trial and at any time during the free trial, if you decide Gist isn't for you, you can cancel. Signing up is quick and easy and this guide will walk you through t...

Can I install Gist on multiple domains or subdomains?

Gist fully supports cross-domain tracking for subdomains. This means that as long as the same Tracking Code is installed on each of the subdomains you want to track, Gist tracking will work as expected. This allows you to install the Tracking Cod...

How do I transfer my workspace ownership?

When there is a transition of responsibilities in your organization or for any other reason, you can transfer the ownership of your workspace at any time. We’ve outlined how to transfer primary ownership, so keep reading to learn more. Requirement...

Where can I find my workspace ID?

Learn the two simple methods to locate your unique Gist workspace ID

Which browsers are supported by Gist?

Gist is built to work on the most popular systems and browsers. A supported web browser is required for full functionality of Gist's features.We extensively test and support the following browsers:Windows-supported browsersChrome (Latest version)F...

What cookies does Gist set in a visitor's browser?

A cookie is a small piece of data that Gist sends from your website, stored in a web browser and downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit that website. The cookie is then sent back to Gist on each subsequent visit, which is esse...

Is Gist GDPR Compliant?

Explore Gist's comprehensive guide to GDPR Compliance – understand the regulations, Gist's preparation, and steps you can take for compliance.

Is Gist HIPAA compliant?

No, we are not. Gist does not natively support HIPAA compliant data transmission. We do not offer any encryption or security measures surrounding message transmission beyond those included in the SMTP RFC, which was not designed with HIPAA complia...

How do I delete or close my workspace?

Maybe a workspace has outlived its usefulness, or you want to start fresh - or you're simply done with Gist (we'll try to be okay with that 🙃). Regardless, we want to make it straightforward for you to delete any workspace you create. In order to ...

How can I cancel my Gist subscription?

Thank you for using Gist. We understand that account cancellations do occur, and we offer a quick process for any cancellation request. In the event that you need to end your subscription with us, just contact our support team or drop a note in ...

Getting started with Gist Affiliate Partner Program

Learn how to sign up for the Gist Partner Program and add your partner code with this step-by-step guide.

How do I turn Dark Mode on or off?

Dark mode helps make working in Gist easier on your eyes by using a darker, higher-contrast colour theme. You can turn on dark mode from your Gist workspace preferences, or sync dark mode in Gist with your operating system (OS) settings. Sync dark...

About Gist's Refund Policy

We understand things don't always work out. If you do have to leave, we want what's best for you. For any reason, you are unhappy with your Gist purchase, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you decide not to use Gist in your business withi...

Overview of the Gist Affiliate Program

In this article, you will learn about the Gist affiliate program. If you are promoting Gist, you will be able to review the Gist Affiliate Program here, to learn about required forms, affiliate payout requirements, percentage of affiliate payout, ...

Agency Program pricing

The Agency Program allows you to purchase multiple Gist accounts at a discount and resell them for a profit with your additional value-added services. Agency Partners have a single billing profile and are billed monthly per paid, active resold acc...

Check if tracking code is installed correctly

Sometimes, the installation may get delayed for a while, or you may not see the confirmation after clicking the 'Check Now' button. In that case, check if you're using a cache plugin on your WordPress (such as W3 Total Cache) and purge the cache b...

About Additional Charges

Depending on your plan tier and type, you may sometimes see additional charges on your monthly Gist bill. If you have a Marketing plan, this is based on the total contact count and email sends in the billing cycle. If your total contact count or e...

How to change your account name, email and password?

Step-by-step instructions on changing your account details on Gist for a more secure experience.

How to update your credit card information?

Detailed guide on updating your credit card information on Gist for a seamless subscription experience.

How to update your billing email address?

Guide on updating your billing email address on Gist to ensure you never miss a billing notification.

How to adjust the timezone setting for your workspace?

Guide to adjusting your workspace timezone on Gist for accurate tracking and reporting.

How to change your workspace's company name?

Keep your Gist workspace information up-to-date with our guide on how to change your company name, logo, and address.

How billing works at Gist?

What you can expect to see on your bill and why.