Custom roles and permissions

As your team grows, there will be occasions when you will want certain users to not have access to certain data such as contact data, billing details, Messenger settings, and more, to reduce the chance of mistakes or duplication of a user's workload.

To allow you to categorize your users and dictate what actions they will be allowed access to, Gist offers distinct roles with different permissions.


For each teammate you can choose different permissions depending on their needs in Gist. These are the available permissions, and what they allow you to do:


  • Edit workspace defaults
    - Edit workspace name, language, timezone, etc.
    - Update your branding details

  • Create and edit tags
    - Add, edit or delete contact, message and conversation tags

  • Add and remove domains
    - Add, edit or remove allowed domains to install Gist tracking code

  • Modify Marketing settings
    - Edit form and double opt-in settings
    - Edit unsubscription settings
    - Manage outbound email addresses
    - Edit email templates

  • Modify Deal settings
    - Add or remove pipelines and stages
    - Edit company settings

  • Access API key
    - Access your workspace API key
    - Add, edit and delete webhook connections

  • Install, configure and delete apps
    - Install and remove apps from Gist integrations
    - Edit settings of connected apps


  • Contacts access
    - View, create, edit and delete contacts

  • Communicate one-on-one
    - Send proactive chat messages to contacts

  • Create and edit contact properties
    - View, create, edit and delete contact properties

  • Bulk delete contacts
    - Delete multiple contacts at the same time

  • Import contacts

  • Export contacts


  • Conversation access
    - Access all or assigned conversations only

  • Can reassign conversations

  • Can delete replies and notes from a conversation

  • Can manage (create, edit & delete) saved replies

  • Modify Messenger settings
    - Edit Messenger intro and localisation
    - Set default office hours and reply times
    - Style your Messenger
    - Control who can see the Messenger

  • Modify Inbox settings
    - Add and remove inbound forwarding addresses
    - Unblock contacts and access spam inbox

  • Create and edit Inbox Automation rules

  • Can access live view

  • Can manage Articles

  • Modify Knowledge Base settings
    - Change Knowledge Base domain
    - Connect with Google Analytics
    - Set default language, header and footer texts
    - Style your Knowledge Base

  • Can access reports


  • Messages access
    - View, create, edit and set outbound and ongoing messages live

  • Chatbot access
    - View, create, edit and set outbound and new conversation bots live

  • Forms access
    - View, create, edit and set forms live

  • Automations access
    - View, create, edit and set rules and workflows live

  • Events access
    - View, create, edit and delete tracked events

  • Deals access
    - View, create, edit and delete deals

Create role

Many separate Roles can exist within one Gist workspace. Owner, Super Admins or Admins can define roles with a customized set of permissions. These are additional custom permission levels other than the default roles, that can be applied to your teammates. For reference, the default roles and permissions in Gist are explained here.

To mange your Roles, go to Settings > General > Teams & Roles and switch to the Roles tab. You can see a list of available Roles and the number of users under each Role as well.

Assign a role to a teammate

Owner, Super Admins or Admins are able to change roles of your teammates.

Head to Settings > General > Teammates, and click Edit button next to the Teammate you wish to update the role for.

Select Permissions from the sidebar or alternatively, change the Role by selecting a role from the dropdown list.

Click the Update button at the bottom of the sidebar. You're all done when you see the green confirmation message!

Need Help?

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