Default roles and permissions

Gist allows you to designate different levels of access to different teammates. Here we will discuss what each role of the default roles mean, the permissions available for each, and how to change roles.


By default, you can use the following roles to control access within your workspace.

Owner - An owner can access everything within your Gist workspace! This includes all conversations, and all settings including, billing, teammate management, security, and integrations. Note that this is the only role that can delete the workspace.

Super Admin - A super admin can do pretty much do everything an owner can except they cannot delete the workspace nor can they edit or remove the owner from the workspace.

Admin - An admin can do everything a super admin can except they cannot access billing section.

Support Manager - A support manager is a specialist role with limited access to marketing and sales products. They can access the Support Inbox and can reassign conversations to different teammates, delete replies and notes within a conversation.

Support Representative - A support representative is a specialist role with limited access to support, marketing and sales products. They can access the Support Inbox but cannot reassign conversations to different teammates or delete replies and notes within a conversation.

Collaborator with Support Seat - This is the most common default role, it has all the features available for the daily work of all teammates. They have full access to Support, Marketing and Sales products but cannot add and edit teammates and roles, or access the billing.

Collaborator without Support Seat - This role is another common default role esp. helpful when you need to invite a teammate with access to most parts of the workspace but do not want to assign a support seat.

The permissions of these default roles cannot be edited. Only certain default roles are available to certain plans. However, if you are on the Premium plans, you can create custom roles and permissions for your users.

List of Permissions

Here is a list of all the permissions that are granted to teammates using Gist's default roles.

GeneralOwnerSuper AdminAdminSupport ManagerSupport RepresentativeCollaborator with Support SeatCollaborator without Support Seat
Edit workspace defaults

Create and edit tags
Add and remove domains

Modify Marketing settings

Modify Deal settings

Access API Key

Install, configure and delete apps

Create and edit teammates

Can manage billing settings

Can delete workspace

Can change ownership of workspace


Contacts access
Communicate one-to-one
Create and edit contact properties

Bulk delete contact

Import contacts

Export contacts


Conversation accessAssigned only
Reassign conversations

Delete replies and notes

Create and edit saved snippets
Modify Messenger settings

Modify Inbox settings

Create and edit routing rules

Can access live view

Articles access

Modify Knowledge Base settings

Reports access


Messages access

Chatbot access

Create and edit forms

Create and edit automations

Create and edit events

Create and edit deals

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