Depending on your plan tier and type, you may sometimes see additional charges on your monthly Gist bill. If you have a Marketing plan, this is based on the total contact count and email sends in the billing cycle. If your total contact count or email send count ever exceeds the limit of your plan, we won’t interrupt your service. Instead, you’ll see an additional charge on your monthly bill.

So, how does it work?

Let's assume you are on the Marketing Premium plan with say, 25,000 contacts and since the standard email send limit is 10 times your contact limit, your total email send quota would be 250,000.

If you exceed your send limit, we’ll automatically move your account to the appropriate pricing tier. We also count recurring campaign sends, such as automation and ongoing emails toward your send limit. Signup form response emails do not count toward sends.

Next steps

For Marketing plans, if you see additional charges on your bill, and you don't want to increase your contact limit, here are a couple of alternative options.

  • Export and delete unengaged contacts Use segmentation to identify which contacts aren't interacting with your campaigns or making purchases in your store. Then, delete those contacts to reduce your number of chargeable contacts.
  • Send more targeted campaigns Instead of sending every email to all of the subscribed contacts in your audience, send targeted content to smaller segments.

Need Help?

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