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By Jitta Rao

updated 2 months ago

Gist makes interacting with your site visitors easy, simple and automated! Using Gist, you can setup Chat Bots that have a number of different uses. In these examples, we will set up a Chat Bot that qualifies leads and books meetings 24/7 for your sales team so they can connect with those who are most likely to buy.

Setting up a ChatBot is straight forward, and fun. So let's dive in and get your first Chat Bot online!

Step 1: Creating Your Goals.

What is it that we want our ChatBot to do? That’s what we answer right here.

In our example we are going to have the ChatBot send a calendar to the site visitor that it is interacting with, the ChatBot will ultimately set up a meeting for us.

On the New Goal page, in the Title prompt, we’ll call this Chat Bot “Meeting Bot”, toggle the button next to “Send calendar”, then click “Save”.

Step 2: Choose Your Display Conditions.
The second thing we need to do is choose the display conditions. Where and when will our Chat Bot appear?

Go to the left-hand side of the page and click display conditions.

Go down under Trigger Conditions, toggle “Show everywhere”, click “Save”.

Our Bot will now show on every page.

Step 3: Build Your Chat Bot

Let’s create a simple Chat Bot that will schedule meetings for us.

 When our Chat Bot is online, it will ask three questions and then send a calendar to schedule a meeting.

4. Test Your Chat Bot

Let’s test your Chat Bot, and go through the prompts that we set up.

Triggering a Chat Bot on Button Click

When building a chatbot, under Targeting, you can create a unique Gist Link.  For example -

Once you create the Gist Link for the Chat Bot and click on the Enable toggle, on your website, if you have a button "Click Here", you can set the redirect path for that click here button to the Gist Link - "".

Now, once the page loads, the chat bot will be triggered.

If the Gist Link is enabled, it will work only after the page load.

Also, If both, the Display Conditions for the Chat Bot and the Gist Link are specified, whichever happens first will load the Chat Bot.

Need Help?

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