Help! I have trouble installing Gist on my site.


By Jitta Rao

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If you have trouble installing Gist on your website, here are some of the typical things to look out for. Usually, these troubleshooting steps will solve any problems with installation, but if your issue still remains unaddressed, reach out to our team via chat.

Why doesn’t the event visualizer work?

Firewalls and Adblockers

The most common reasons why the event visualizer may not work are: Adblockers, and Internet Firewalls.

Adblocker extensions and plugins can sometimes prevent Gist from loading the JavaScript files that are needed for the event visualizer to work.

If Gist isn’t working due to the presence of adblockers, you should see errors in your developer console, like: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

If this happens, either disable the adblocker extension, or ensure that you whitelist * within the extension.

Similarly, check your system’s internet firewall and see if it is blocking Gist from interacting with your site.

Incorrect Coding

The Gist JavaScript snippet code should be installed directly in your website code, just before the </head> tag. If the snippet is placed elsewhere, it may not load before the event visualizer times out.

Also, check for any typos within the snippet code. If you copy-paste the code directly from the documentation on this site, you should be fine. But if you pasted the code from another place (like an email, or a word document), it is possible that the code had been reformatted by the word processors.


If you are using cloudflare, Gist’s snippet code will be run with rocketscript, which leads to compression and concatenation of the Javascript code. This prevents the Gist code from loading properly. Ensure you turn rocketscript off for Gist so the code can load and function.

If you are still unable to make the event visualizer work, let our team know via chat and we will do our best to help you get Gist running for you.

Need Help?

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