If you are planning to build a really large bot flow, for example, a welcome bot that acts as a central hub for your customer's FAQs, things can get really complex very quickly as there would be multiple branches for each path your customer could take. This leads to a confusing and hard to manage bot flow after a certain point.

You can create multiple bot flows for each FAQ and use this block to link together several such bot flows to create a single, more complex bot. For example, a bot may ask the user if they have any questions and if yes, forward them to an FAQ bot. Or an FAQ bot can send users to a different bot when they finish, which may ask them to evaluate their experience.

How does it work?

If you want to jump to the Welcome Message or any of the other blocks of another bot, continue the conversation from that point.

Step 1: Find block reference

  1. Open the bot flow you want to connect to
  2. Hover the desired Block
  3. Right click on the desired Block and an option will display to Copy reference ID
  4. Click it to copy the reference ID.

Step 2: Add "Jump to bot" block

Drag and drop the "Jump to another bot" block from the block menu onto the bot flow.

Step 3: Set it up

On the edit screen, paste the reference number:

That's it. Now, when your customers reach this block, the conversation continues in the bot flow that it points to.