A key part of using Gist is sending the right messaging to the right people. People who land on a certain page, or belong to a company of a certain size, or who spend a specific amount of time on your site are all great ways to send personalized and unique messaging to your customers!

In this guide, you'll discover how to use targeting conditions, the various condition types and more.

How to create display rules?

"Display rules" are logic statements in Gist's interface that you create to define granular visitor segments.

You'll be using targeting conditions when launching forms, chat and post messages and more.

Adding display rules

To add a display rule, click the "+ Add Condition" link, choose a condition type, enter any extra values needed for that condition type.

Display rules reference guide

Gist offers a lot of different targeting condition types.

To see how these various condition types work, here is a reference guide of each targeting condition type, organized by category:


Current URL - Target visitors who are on the selected URL. There are a few ways to target by URL, some of which are “is exactly/is not exactly," and "matches a pattern."

Current URL Path - Target visitors who are on a specific path. The /path is the part of the URL that appears after the root domain (app.getgist.com/settings)


Contact segment - Target one or more of your contact segments

Contact tag - Target one or more of your contact tags

Contact type - Target one or more of your contact properties


City - Target by city

Country - Target by country

Site activity

Referral URL - Target based on the URLs where your visitors come from (e.g. google.com)

Visitor's device - Target mobile, tablet or desktop visitors only - or a combination of them all.

Scroll percentage - Target visitors who have scrolled a specific percentage of your page.

Time on page - Target visitors who have been on the current page for a specified period of time.

Time on site - Similar to "Time on page" but measured from the start of the visitor's session and independent of the amount of time that is spent on any given page.

On exit intent - Target visitors who are about to leave your site. This triggers when a user's cursor leaves the window on the top half of the screen, usually indicating they intend to change browser tabs or close this tab/window. The user must be on the page for at least 5 seconds for exit intent to work. 

Number of pages viewed - Target visitors who have visited a specific number of pages on your website.

Current day - Target based on the current day of the week.

Current time - Target based on the current time of the day.

Current date - Target based on the current date of the month.

Current month - Target based on the current month of the year.

Visitor’s ad-blocker is - Target visitors who have Adblock enabled in their browser.

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