This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to use Gist's qualification bot to qualify leads on your website. The qualification bot is a powerful tool that can streamline your lead qualification process, and this guide will take you step-by-step through its setup and use.

In this short video tutorial, you'll see exactly how to set up your own qualification bot quickly.

1. Understanding Qualification Data

Qualification data refers to the specific contact properties you set to qualify your website visitors or leads. This data can be customized and updated based on your specific needs and preferences.

Updating Your Qualification Data

To add or modify qualification data, navigate to Settings > Properties > Qualification data in Gist and select ‘Add another property’. You can choose from the several default contact properties and custom properties you’ve already added to Gist.

Note: You can also ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ any data you like, and this will change the qualification data that appears in your contact profiles.

2. Qualifying Customers with Gist

Gist offers two ways to qualify customers:

  1. Manually: Manually qualify your leads and users in the inbox as you chat with them by filling in the fields yourself.
  2. Automatically with Bot: Set up our bot to automatically ask leads questions on your behalf, based on whatever data is most important for your business.

Note that you can also update lead qualification data via an Identify JS method, a CSV import, or through the REST API.

3. Automatically Qualify Leads

Automating the qualification process can save you time and help you focus more on having meaningful conversations with your leads. Here's how you can use the qualification bot to automate the process:

Capture New Leads' Contact Details

When a visitor starts a conversation with you in Messenger, they become a lead. The Qualify leads bot can ask for their email address or phone number so they get your reply even if they leave your site. When a visitor leaves their details, the bot adds them to their profile in Gist.

You can also ask your leads for any four details to qualify them. To do this, visit the Qualify leads section in Automation and choose Simple Qualification to ask your leads for more details:

Note: You'll need our Support Professional or higher plan to qualify your leads.

Then, you can choose the details your sales team needs to convert your leads into users. This could be any data from our default list, your own data, or new data that you create.

Default Attributes

Our default list of attributes includes:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Company name
  4. Company size
  5. Company website
  6. Company industry

4. Choosing the Right Qualification Data for Your Business

Before qualifying your leads, you need to define the qualification data that are most useful to collect about your leads.

Here are some questions to guide you when defining the characteristics of your ideal customer:

  1. What’s their goal for using your product?
  2. Do they have a specific role in an organization?
  3. Do they work in a specific industry?
  4. How big is their company?
  5. Do they work for a B2B or B2C company?
  6. Do they work in a specific location?

And so on. Once you're clear on who you want to prioritize, choose your qualification data in Gist.

Keep in mind that asking a large volume of unnecessary questions can turn leads off. Only add data that will help your team understand who each lead is and whether they’re a good fit for your business.

For more complex questions, rely on your teammates to get these answers.

5. Automate Conversations Using Inbox Rules

Once you start gathering qualification data about your leads, you can use this data to create more targeted visitor auto messages and campaigns.

You can also set Inbox Rules that assign your leads who give specific answers to specific teams or teammates. This allows for efficient handling of leads based on their qualification answers.

6. Common Questions

Q: What type of qualification data can I add to Gist?

Gist allows you to add a variety of qualification data. You can choose from default attributes such as name, email, company name, industry, size, and website. Alternatively, you can create new custom qualification data that matters to your business. This data can be formatted as text, numbers, decimal numbers, true or false statements, dates, or a list.

Q: Can I manually qualify leads in Gist, or does it have to be automatic?

Yes, you can manually qualify leads in Gist. While Gist provides the option to use the Qualification Bot for automatic qualification based on preset data, you also have the flexibility to manually qualify your leads and users in the inbox as you chat with them. This allows for a more personalized approach when needed.

Q: How many properties can I add to my qualification data in Gist?

While it's essential to choose relevant data for your qualification process, be aware that you cannot add more than 10 qualification properties to Gist. This ensures the process remains streamlined and focused on the most relevant details.

Q: How can I ensure the data I collect is relevant to my business?

It's crucial to define the characteristics of your ideal customer. Sit down with your team and consider questions like: What’s their goal for using your product? What industry do they work in? What is the size of their company? etc. Then, select or create qualification data that aligns with these characteristics. This ensures that the data you collect will help your sales team identify promising leads.

Q: Can I change my qualification data once it's set up?

Yes, Gist offers flexibility in managing your qualification data. If you want to edit an attribute, just click on that attribute. You can edit its format, options, and description from there. If you need to edit its name, you'll need to delete and recreate it.

Q: How can I assign leads to specific teams based on their responses?

You can set up Inbox rules that assign leads to specific teams or teammates based on their answers. This is particularly useful when qualifying leads based on specific criteria like the business model. For example, leads who answer B2B could be automatically assigned to your VIP support team.

Q: Can the qualification bot ask questions in languages other than English?

Yes, the Qualification bot is available in every language supported by Gist, giving you the flexibility to interact with leads from various language backgrounds.

Q: How does the Qualification Bot help in capturing new leads' contact details?

When a visitor starts a conversation with you in Messenger, the bot can ask for their email address. This ensures that they get your reply even if they leave your site. When a visitor leaves their details, the bot adds it to their profile in Gist, helping you keep track of lead information.

Q: Can the Qualify leads task bot ask questions if we already have data in the relevant field?

The Qualify leads task bot will not ask your leads qualification questions or add data to their profiles if you already have data in the relevant field. This avoids repetition and ensures a smooth conversation flow with your leads.

Q: How can I evenly distribute qualified leads to my sales team?

You can assign your qualified leads to a team evenly using the round-robin style. This method ensures each team member gets a fair share of leads to manage and the workload is distributed evenly.

Remember, a well-qualified lead is the first step towards a successful sale. Use this guide to make the most out of Gist's qualification bot and streamline your lead qualification process. Happy qualifying!