Introduction to Drip Campaigns


By Jitta Rao

updated 4 months ago

Campaigns are a sequence of emails sent out to specific user segments automatically on a pre-defined schedule.

Campaigns are used to send marketing information to leads or users repeatedly over long periods of time (several days or a few weeks) in order to nurture prospects or leads through the marketing funnel.

Email campaigns also allow you to consistently “touch” or contact your leads with targeted and relevant information at regular intervals, based on actions they took on your website or inside your product.

Like auto messages, email campaigns in Gist need to be created just once, and they trigger as per the predefined schedule and rules, thereby freeing up your time and marketing resources.

You can use campaigns, through a series of emails triggered automatically at a predetermined time, to drive your users towards a predetermined common goal.

Here are some example use cases for campaigns:

  • Educating your users about your product or service
  • Converting free trial users into paid customers
  • Upselling users to a newly launched product
  • Giving away a free email course to your subscribers

Gist makes it easy for you to create simple, targeted email campaigns for all these use cases, and others, in minutes.

What is so effective about email campaigns?

Although you can use auto messages and broadcast messages to keep in touch with your user base, there are a few reasons why email campaigns are effective.

Email campaigns help you constantly engage your customers, increase your brand awareness among your prospects, and builds trust by bridging the gap between your product and your users.

When your emails keep reaching people at regular intervals, it is hard for people to forget you or your brand name. As you keep making a noise with your emails, your brand will always be on their mind. Even if some of your prospects are ready to make the purchase right away, they will choose you when they’re ready, because they’ve always had your brand in their mind.

Email campaigns also help you greatly increase user engagement. Your timely emails serve as a reminder to people to check your website/product out or to log in frequently. This enables greater usage and will help retain users longer.

If you also manage to make your emails all about your customers, instead of your product or the features, then you will also strike a chord, and people start relating their stories to your solution.

If you’re using email campaigns to share your knowledge for free and offer resources that would benefit your target audience, it not only tells your users that you’re an expert in your field, it also earns their trust over time, that they become vocal advocates of your brand. 

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