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Using Gist, you can send behavioral emails to users who belong to a segment. Behavioral emails are emails that are automatically sent by Gist to users who belong to specific segments, or match the rules or filters that you set up.

Behavioral emails are behavior-driven emails that will be sent automatically to users, based on what they do on your website. Since Gist auto tracks user events on your website, you can create customized, targeted user segments based on what pages they view, what links they click, what forms they submit, etc.

They can be used to send lifecycle marketing emails, onboarding emails, or any other type of emails that you would like to trigger based on user actions. If you wish to send a series of emails to your users, you can use drip campaigns instead.

A behavioral email is sent to a user when you create it and set it live. Gist checks for the filters and sends the message to every user that matches the rules.

Send the right message to your users

Behavioral emails can be used to send targeted email messages when a user logs in to your product or on your website.

You can also schedule behavioral emails to be sent at a particular time.

Writing the behavioral email

Before you send your behavioral email you can customize it the way you want.

  • You can preview the message before you send it and even send yourself a test email to check if the message is being delivered as you want it to be.
  • You can choose a deadline to stop sending auto messages automatically after a certain time.

Setting up behavioral emails

For instance, you can use behavioral emails s to nudge free users to upgrade to a paid plan when they try a ‘paid only’ feature on your site. Or you can ask users for feedback when they try a newly launched product feature.

All behavioral emails are sent by Gist automatically, so not only they are very targeted and look as though they are personalized for each user, but they also take a lot of load off of you because you only create them once and Gist will send them for you for as long as the behavioral email is live.

You can set up auto messages using the following steps:

Step 1: Click on ‘Emails’ on the navbar, select ‘Behavioral Emails’ and click ‘New Behavioral Email'. Give the new behavioral email a title.

Step 2: Compose your email and choose the email format.

Start writing your email. You will be able to preview your email live, on the right side of the screen. Once you finish writing the email, you can send a test mail to an email of your choice.

Step 3:  Select the segment which you would like to target your campaign at.


Choose the audience segment that should receive your email.

If you do not have an existing segment of users that you want, you can create a new segment using the ‘Add Rule’ option. You can add multiple rules at the same time and can narrow down to the desired segment of users.

Just like in the case of campaigns or broadcasts, once you finalize your segment, any future users or subscribers matching those rules will also receive your email automatically.

Once your segment is finalized, you can see a sample list of users who will receive your email.

Step 4: Review the general and timing settings.

It is recommended that you schedule your email to be sent when most of your target audience will be online so that your email stays on top of their inboxes.

If necessary, you can also set a deadline, post which Gist stops sending any behavioral emails to users.

Step 5: Send it away or schedule at a later time.

Once you are ready, you may choose to send the behavioral email immediately or at a specific time. 

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