Working as a team and collaborating on customer support


By Paulina N

updated 8 months ago

Gist helps you collaborate with your teammates and provides a single interface for your team so you can support your visitors and customers faster, easier, and smarter.

Make conversations more personal

Your visitors will see a personal message – which you should setup – when they visit your website. Make this message feel more personal by adding a friendly photo and your title so your visitors know who they are talking to.

Use emojis and talk like a friend

Make your visitors feel like they are talking to a real human, by adding emojis, GIFs, and stickers to your messages. This will make your conversations friendly and lively and helps avoid being too formal or robotic.

For instance, use the smiling emoticon often to set the mood of your conversations, use thumbs up to let your visitors know that you agree with them, or send funny GIFs to light up their faces. Positivity increases conversion rates.

Use saved replies to provide quick support

There are certain questions that almost every prospective customer asks you. There are certain things that a lot of your paid customers need help with. Instead of typing the same responses over and over again, you can set up saved replies and answers to FAQs beforehand.

This saves several hours of wasted time, thereby boosting the performance of your support team, so they can use the saved time to help more customers or to convert more visitors into customers.

Saved replies can be used in your responses whenever you want, so you can delight your customers with instant replies and faster support.

Collaborate on support requests with teammates

Tag-teammates in conversations where you need their help and work together in the background. For example, if you are a salesperson and your customer asks you a technical question, you can ask your tech teammates behind the scenes and respond to the customer’s question yourself. To do that, all you need to do is just:

1. Create an internal note within the team inbox.

2. Mention teammates by typing their name after an '@'. Select the appropriate teammate.

3. Type your message and create the note. 

This saves you from wasting time on figuring things out by yourself, while not bringing too many people into the conversion, so you can continue the relationship that you are building with the visitor or customer. Your customer cannot view this internal note.

Assign conversations automatically

With Gist routing rules, you can set up rules to auto-assign visitor conversations to the right member of your team, based on what your customer needs.

Gist tracks user behavior, and the keywords they use in their questions and allows you to route their questions directly to the relevant team.

For instance, you can set up technical questions to be sent to your product team, sales questions to your sales team, and so on.

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