As the name indicates, this block asks the visitor for their email address. This is one of the most important blocks because collecting email address via Chatbots has 30% higher conversions than forms.

Gist builds contact details for each site visitor, so that you can identify and qualify leads, follow up using Drip Sequences, or send contact information into your other connected accounts, like Salesforce or Marketo! One of the most common and effective ways of identifying visitors and contacting them are by capturing their email address.

Adding an Email Capture

Capturing an email address is the bare minimum amount of information Gist needs to store a site visitor as an identified contact.

Once you're in the visual builder, drag and drop the "Ask for email" block from the left sidepanel on the canvas.

You'll see the following node dropped into your builder:

You'll see three output nodes as well: Valid email, Invalid email, and Unwanted email.

Configuring the Block

If you click the pencil icon at the top-right corner of the block, you'll be brought into a sidebar that will allow you to customize how this block will function. You can

  • edit and format the text that will be presented to the visitor
  • select how many times to ask for an email
  • filter out spam domains as well as non-business emails (ex. Gmail addresses)

Once you've configured the setup, click Done.