How can I send chat transcripts manually?


By Josh Slone

updated about 2 months ago

Finished a conversation with a customer and they requested to share a full transcript of the conversation?

Gist allows you to send a transcript of your conversations to your customers directly through the shared team inbox.

Send Individual Conversation Transcripts

1) Just go to a conversation and click the three dotted icon, then click ‘Send Chat Transcript’ option from the dropdown menu.

2) When you click "Send Chat Transcript", a popup modal will take over your screen. In the text field it will default to the email of the contact you are having a conversation with.

To send it to someone else, change the email address in the box. You can even change the subject of the transcript email if needed.

The Send Chat Transcript will send a transcript of your conversation to the email of the user you are chatting with.

3) Once you enter who you want to send the transcript to, click Send! A green banner should appear on the top of your page confirming that the transcript was sent.

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