AutoCapture is designed to automatically collect contact data from third-party forms products, enhancing the ease and efficiency of data collection.

Supported forms include Contact Form 7, Elementor Forms, Gravity Forms, and virtually any other forms product. This document provides detailed information about enabling the AutoCapture feature and the technical requirements for compatibility with various forms.

Enabling AutoCapture

Follow the steps below to enable the AutoCapture feature:

  • Navigate to Settings > Email > Forms page.
  • Click the grey toggle next to Collect data from website forms. The toggle will turn blue, indicating that AutoCapture is now active.

And that's it!

Technical Details for Supported Forms

For a form to be compatible with AutoCapture, it must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Be a static HTML form.
  • Be enclosed within HTML <form> tags.
  • Not be contained within an <iframe>.
  • Include an email input field with input type as “email”.

Forms that will be ignored by AutoCapture

AutoCapture will not collect data from forms that:

  • Have a password input field (input type as “password”).
  • Have card details input fields.
  • Have an input field with a certain 'name', 'autocomplete', or 'placeholder' attributes related to credit card information.

Reasons Gist may not be tracking form data

  • The form is not enclosed in a <form> tag.
  • The form is inside <iframe> tags.
  • The form has JavaScript bound to the form submit event or submit button click event.
  • The form contains a sensitive field, such as a credit card number or hidden fields.
  • The email field is not an email type input, as in: <input type=“email".

Utilize the AutoCapture feature to seamlessly and automatically collect contact data from various third-party forms. Ensure your forms meet the technical criteria for a smooth and efficient data collection experience. If Gist is not tracking form data, review the possible reasons and ensure the form's compatibility with AutoCapture requirements.

Note: Always ensure the protection and privacy of collected data by adhering to relevant data protection regulations and guidelines.