Using AutoCapture in Gist Forms


By Jitta Rao

updated 6 months ago

AutoCapture, once turned on, will automatically collect the contact data input into third-party forms products. Things like:

  • Contact form 7
  • Elementor Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Virtually any other forms product

To turn on the AutoCapture feature, follow this path:

Settings > Forms (located on the lefthand sidebar under "Marketing" > Collect data from website forms (click the grey toggle and it will turn blue)

And that's it!

Here is a quick gif of me turning on the AutoCapture:

The More Technical Details

In order to be a supported forms product:

  • Be a static HTML form.
  • Be wrapped in HTML <form> tags
  • Not be in an <iframe>
  • Have an email input field (Input type as “email”)

Forms that will be skipped:

  • Have a password input field (input type as “password”)
  • Have a card details input fields (credit card and debit card)
  • Input name attribute having the following names:
    • cname
    • cardnumber
    • cvc
    • ccmonth 
    • ccyear
    • exp-date 
    • card-type
  • Auto complete attribute having the following names:
    • cc-name 
    • cc-number 
    • cc-csc
    • cc-exp-month
    • cc-exp-year
    • cc-exp
    • cc-type
  • Placeholder attribute having the following names:
    • card number
    • security code

Skipped data while submitting the forms:

  • Hidden fields
  • Don’t have the name attribute input fields
  • Disabled fields
  • Input type file
  • Input type reset
  • Input type submit
  • Input type button

The forms cannot be tracking data for the following reasons:

  • Forms is not enclosed in <form> tag
  • Forms is contained side <iframe> tags
  • Form has JavaScript bound to the form submit event or submit buttonclick event
  • If a form contains a sensitive field, such as credit card number 
  • Form contains hidden fields. The tool does not collect information from any hidden fields
  • The email field is not an email type input, as in: <input type=“email"

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