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By Jitta Rao

updated over 1 year ago

Using Gist, it is easy to create filters for dates in the future.

Gist's user properties contain filters that will allow you to search for data related to future dates. Just select the filter 'more than x days in the future' or 'less than x days in the future' and enter the number of days you want. These filters are available in both default and custom user properties.

For example, to see which users have their plans expiring in the next 7 days, you can create a filter for your 'Expires At' custom property and choose 'less than 7 days in the future'.

You can also search for exact dates in the future by using the 'absolute' property.


  • To ensure this works, the custom attribute must be sent to Gist as a Unix Timestamp and the type must be set to 'Date'.
  • Custom attributes ending with "_at" are automatically treated as a date, rather than a number. However, if you named your custom attribute differently, you can change the type to 'Date' manually in your app settings under 'People Attributes'.
  • If you're using the 'exactly x days ago' filter we'll find users who match this filter during a 24 hour period. For example, 'signed_up_at exactly -3 days' ago will find users whose signed_up_at date is 2-3 days from now (and not 3-4 days from now).

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